Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I open an account at the Nevis Co-operative Credit Union?

A: One must first be accepted as a member before being issued with an account. An account is only issued to a person who qualifies to be a member of the Nevis Co-operative Credit Union (NCCU).

Q: How do I join the Nevis Co-operative Credit Union?

A: In order for an individual to become a member of the Nevis Co-operative Credit Union he/she must satisfy the following conditions:
(a) be 16 years of age or older.
(b) be a citizen of St. Kitts & Nevis or be a resident of St. Kitts & Nevis.
(c) complete and submit a Membership and Personal Account Application Form, which shall be reviewed and approved.
(d) view the document, ‘How to Become a Member’ under the heading Forms for a complete listing of the membership criteria.

Q: How do I update my account information?

A: In order to update your account information at the Nevis Co-operative Credit Union, one is required to visit the office to initiate the process. You will be required to present the requisite document(s) in order to implement the specific update(s). For instance if you have changed your name, you will be required to present a deed poll or a marriage certificate. You will need to provide two (2) picture IDs and proof of address such as a utility bill.

Q: How do I get a Checking account?

A: In order to be granted a checking account, an account holder is required to visit the office to commence the process. The account holder must have an account with the NCCU for at least three (3) months. Your account information must be up to date. The account must have at least $700.00 on your Regular Savings account and you will be required to complete a check requisition form stating the information that you wish to have on your checks.

Q: How do I get an ATM Card?

A: To qualify for an ATM Card, the member must visit the office and complete a request form. There is no fee attached, and your account information would have to be up to date.

Q: How do I Access Online Banking Service?

A: You can sign up for internet banking service via the Credit Union’s website, but you will be required to contact the office for further instructions.

Q: How do I go about getting a Loan?

A: In order to get a loan, one must call or visit the office and consult with a friendly loans officer who will guide you through the process. Preliminary information can be submitted online.

Q: Does the Credit Union offer Night deposit services?

A: Yes. This is offered to our members and account holders for an annual fee of $100 plus VAT or $117 .

Q: At the end of each month I have numerous bills to pay and at times I have great difficulty in doing so before the payment deadline, can I instruct the Credit Union to pay my bills on my behalf?

A: Yes. This service is provided by a ‘Standing Order’ request and is offered by your Credit Union for a fee of $10 plus VAT or $11.70 per transaction.

Q: Do you usually have Properties for sale?

A: Yes. The NCCU usually have vehicles, lands and houses for sale. Whenever such is the case all pertinent information on the property will be posted to the website and in the office.

Q: What is meant by FATCA and who does it affect?


On 18th March 2010 the United States (US) Government enacted The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) to combat tax evasion by US persons holding investments in offshore accounts. FATCA requires Foreign Financial Institutions (FFIs) to provide the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with information on certain US persons invested in accounts outside of the US and for certain non-US entities to provide information about any US owners. The Nevis Co-operative Credit Union Limited (NCCU) is considered an FFIs and therefore is required to comply.

The NCCU is committed to upholding confidence of its membership and to keeping its members and account holders information confidential and secure. Our actions as they relate to FATCA will be in strict compliance with the local regulations and legal framework of St. Kitts & Nevis.

Q: How secure is my financial or personal information with the Nevis Co-operative Credit Union Ltd?

A: Very secure. Our goal at the NCCU is to maintain your trust and confidence when handling information about you. Keeping your information secure and ensuring your understanding of how we use that information is an important aspect of building and maintaining that trust.

For more information, please call 1-869-469-5634