Your Money Your Future

There are so many great advantages to owning your own house as well as a lot of responsibilities. The more you know about home ownership, the more informed you can be as you embark on the journey to home ownership.

Responsibilities range from repairs, taxes, insurance and utilities. Weighing these against the advantages helps make the decision of buying easier. We are here to make the process as easy as possible. Our team of mortgage experts will guide you every step of the process.

House Purchase7.75%
House Construction7.75%
Land Loans10.00%

How much house can you afford?

Consider this rule of thumb for deciding what you can afford

45% of your income goes to pay debts. We advise that you should allocate up to 36% towards your debt with your mortgage representing 28% and the remainder allocated to your other debts such as car and student loans. Obviously if you don’t carry any of these additional debts then you have the benefit of spending more on your mortgage and therefore affording more houses.

35% of your income goes toward everything else. Food, clothes, utilities (water, cable, electricity, internet and telephone), entertainment and vacations.

20% of your income goes towards your future. Savings and Investments that you put away for a rainy day.

10% of loan amount must be on deposit in the form of shares

Monthly Payment Calculator

Helps you determine your monthly payment.

Disclaimer: We provide these tools and calculators as a resource to help you evaluate lending products. Results are only estimates and we don’t guarantee the results or your ability to receive the loan terms. If you have questions about your specific financial situation, contact your financial advisor.

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