Savings Made Simple

Automatic Savings

The NCCU Automatic Savings Program lets you set up a repeating automatic transfer from your NCCU Checking Account to your NCCU Savings Acount or any other saving product. You can change your automatic transfers whenever you like. Arrange the amount to be transferred on the schedule that works for you, and watch your savings grow!

NCCU Mobile Banking "Coming Soon"

Your bank now fits in your pocket. Visit using your eligible mobile device's browser or download the NCCU Mobile App.

Account Alert "Coming Soon"

We offer a wide range of alerts that help you stay in control of your finances and keep your accounts safe. With Account Alerts we'll notify you via text or email if your account has activity you told us you want to know about.

Savings Rates

Amount6-Months Term12-Months Term
$ 500 to
$ 100,000
$ 100,001 to
$ 500,000
$500,001 to
$ 1,000,000
Regular Savings2.00%
Special Savings2.00%
Culturama Savings2.00%
Christmas Savings2.00%
$US Savings0.08%

SAVINGS ACCOUNTS: Options that make savings effortless.

Regular Savings

A flexible savings account that earns you interest on every dollar. Your principal savings account earning interest of 3%, paid quarterly on the average daily balance. This account is often used as collateral for loans.

Fixed Deposits

Get the highest returns in the Federation with a NCCU Fixed Deposit Account

Lock away your savings and earn a fixed interest rate. Enjoy guaranteed returns at competitive interest rates. Establish your goals, with flexible terms from six (6) months to twelve (12) months available. Interest is calculated daily and paid quarterly.

Special Savings

Saving for that special purpose? This account is for you....that house insurance, that car insurance, that holiday? name it: this is the option for you. This account is also used for disbursement of funds for housing loans during the construction phase. Interest of 2% is paid quarterly on the average daily balance.

Trust / Minors Accident

Begin saving for your children's future at birth.

Parents can begin to save for their children's future at birth. That means no financial burden when they commence pre-school, and the account can be used to prepare for a University Education. Interest earned is credited quarterly.

US Currency Savings

Offering you a place to save United States Currency for your convenience with no fees attached, and there is no minimum balance requirement.

Culturama Savings

Prepare to celebrate our islands premier summer festival.

Savings accounts are opened in August of each year and closed in July of the following year. Perfect for our island's summer festival or that summer vacation you have been dreaming of. It is also just in time to purchase back-to-school supplies or to help you prepare for the hurricane season.

Christmas Savings

Enjoy a debt free Christmas

Christmas Accounts are opened in January of each year and closed in December of that same year, just in time for all your holiday expenses. No longer do you need to stretch that December paycheck endlessly.

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